I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your families.  How many of you received or purchased an Easter Lily this Holiday?  Here are several tips to keeping your lily going for years to come.  You can maintain your lily indoors until the flowers are done blooming. Always remove the foil around your lily to allow the soil to drain. Keep your lily away from direct sun and heating ducts to keep it from drying out. Remove spent blooms and yellow foliage to keep your lily viable.  Your lily can be placed outdoors or planted outdoors after the frost free date in late May here in Iowa.  Easter Lily’s like to be in cool partly shaded locations, however Easter Lily’s are not hardy in our hardiness zone.  If you choose to plant them outside you will need to dig them up before the first frost in the fall.  You can over winter them indoors, but don’t expect them to bloom for Easter.  These lily’s will bloom at their normal bloom time in late June and July after you plant them outside the next season.  Enjoy these fragrant blooms, and lets get excited for Spring!