Summer is on it’s way and beautiful blooms will fill our yards with waves of color.  The question I often get asked is how do I arrange blooms from my own yard.  So here goes……. Here are a few helpful tips to creating beautiful bouquets from your own yard.  First rule of thumb is always collect and harvest your blooms in the morning!  The blooms are not as stressed from the heat of the day and they have had the evening to hydrate and move essential food and nutrients up the stem to the bloom.  Second Tip….. Dunk your blooms under water to drown out any unwanted insects or spiders that might be hiding in the blooms or foliage.  Third tip…. Strip off any excess foliage or dirt that may be connected to the stems to keep the water in your vessel clean and clear.  Fourth tip…. Grid the top of your vase with thin clear tape, almost like a tic tac toe board.  This will help to support your blooms and keep them from falling out of the vase.  Fifth tip…… Insert your unique foliages and loose wildflowers first. This will create a network to hold large blooms in place and help you create beautiful bouquets.  Don’t forget to prune off unwanted buds or spent blooms to give your design more appeal.  Final Tip….. If you don’t have beautiful blooms in your yard, stop in to Coes!  We would be happy to let you create your own bouquet and we always have an abundance of blooms! See you Soon!