Do you ever have a hard time selecting art for your home?  Many of our customers tell us this is their biggest challenge.  What size is appropriate? Should the colors match? Formal? Informal? There are so many questions to be asked.  I would like to give you some helpful tips in selecting art for your space.  The first thing to address is style.  There are many different types of art on the market today.  Framed art, canvas wrapped, reclaimed wood, formal, and matted are some of the types, just to name a few.  Gone are the days of matching your home interiors matted picture with the matching wall sconces and cooIMG_8509rdinating shelf.  Finding your own style may be hard for some, but I always start with incorporating family heirlooms or keepsake pieces into the space.  From there you can identify the remaining areas to decorate.  Again, there are no rules.  Larger homes or walls do better with larger prints, if you have trouble with larger prints, why not do a collection or a grouping of items to enhance the space?  Mantels and furniture also provide an excellent space for art. Why  not consider leaning your art against the wall and layering with different media to create a different look?  I often us this look in my own home since I like to change with the seasons and I don’t have to pound nails or ruin my walls. 

More relaxed environments do well with reclaimed and vintage items to enhance the room.  Some of our most popular items in the store are reclaimed wood art and burlap printed art that add great texture to a room at value pricing.  Trends change so fast, and investing in expensive art can limit your ability to stay on trend.  Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.  Finding art to suite your own taste and style should be your ultimate goal.  At Coe’s, we are always here to help!  Take a picture on your phone, or bring in some of your swatches to the store. We would be happy to assist you in purchasing a piece or creating a space that will accent your home beautifully.