A wise man once said that if you have two loafs of bread you should exchange one loaf of bread for flowers because bread feeds the body, but flowers feed the soul. Flowers just make us happy!  There are many different types of arrangements from which to choose. I often design with intent at the store, but my favorite designs evolve as I create.  Natural bouquets that arflowere designed from my yard are usually free flowing with grasses, leaves, branches and berries.  Wildflower bouquets take on the same shape, accented with natural blooms and buds that bring color into the home.  Focal designs and formal arrangements take on a different style, with perfectly placed blooms that draw your eye through the design.  Contemporary Floral Displays often have curled leaves and clean lined flowers that effortlessly flow together.  I am always drawn to contemporary design, especially in the summer.  In Iowa we have some great botanicals in the landscape that are perfect for this type of design.  I like to use Hosta leaves, Canna foliage and ornamental grasses to execute my designs. Garden roses, Dahlias and Zinnias are also prolific this time of year and they are perfect for contemporary design.  Remember to add fresh flowers at your next event, or even just for yourself.  They always add a special touch to any day and warm our soul.  We hope to see you soon.